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Jbl tortil 100ml.....
Jbl tortil 100ml.....

Jbl tortil 100ml.....

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Category: Turtle, Turtle Food

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Food tablets for turtles and pond terrapins
Main food for turtles and pond terrapins: food tablets for turtles 10 50 cm in size, complete food for turtles
Excellent palatability: 25 % crustaceans, proteins from fish and shrimps
Species-appropriate diet, promotes natural eating behaviour with sinking tablets, strengthens and stabilises immunity with vitamin complex and vitamin C.
Turtles choose JBL food: high-quality ingredients, feed formulation created by practical research, no processing of cheap fishmeal
Contents: food tablets, Tortil. Can be stored for 3 years unopened, use within 3 months after opening.

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